As few persons are asking me what I use for background of my still life photos and which sort of light I use , here is some simple informations. I am an amateur photographer and a simple room in my flat serves me as studio. For background I use black sort of carton (1 m x 70 cm). I arrange my still life subjects on table that is of black shining wood . And as light I use normal light ( 80 W) . Important is that there is no other light as this ( if I do my photo during a day I close all shutters ).

When everything is arranged I position my light , mostly left side or in front and never direct on subject . Normally I always do few shots and at the end use one that satisfied me. 

I have a collection of glass , pots , old books and a lot of things that my husband classified in junk 🙂 , but in spite of all he is very satisfied when he sees that my work is not only bringing me a lot of happiness , but that others also like it . 

Well , that will be all . I do hope that this few words can help all of you to approach to my work. And sorry for my “broken ” english and lot of mistakes I have done in writing this.